About Us

National Cancer Peer Review (NCPR) is a national quality assurance programme for NHS cancer services.

The programme involves both self-assessment by cancer service teams and external reviews of teams conducted by professional peers, against nationally agreed "quality measures".

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Public Information

A number of different types of "reports" will be published here which will provide information about team's and organisations compliance with Quality Measures and also broader "qualitative" assessments relating to the quality and safety of patient care.

There are broadly two types of report which will be published.

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CQuINS V3/V4 ...

CQuINS version 3 has now been decommissioned. Information for all National Cancer Peer Review activity from 2001-2008 has been transferred to CQuINS version 4, which should be used for all Peer Review activity.



  • PRagmatic Newsletter, August 2013
    Welcome to our latest edition of PRagmatic. This volume seeks to bring you up to speed on the organisational and programme changes in the new NHS environment. As well as the development of new measures, the new process for user reviewers and our innovative web tool for patients and carers, My Cancer Treatment.

  • Guide to writing Peer Review Reports 2013
    As the reports are now more accessible since the launch of My Cancer Treatment, we have developed this guidance with patients to assist all MDTs when writing self-assessments and internal validation reports.

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